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This is the home of onePortal Documentation online. All technical documentation on Management UI for administrators and API for developers is organised here. Please note, onePortal is the generic base name. You might know it with another name. onePortal has been branded for customers' own brands. This, however, does not change the technical aspects, and this documentation is fully valid.



What is onePortal™?

onePortal is the platform which implements three key services for businesses, and modern software developers:

  • Trivore IDaaS – OpenID Connect-based identity management with GPDR-compliance.
  • Cloud Database – extensible, and secure structured datastorage for modern application use.
  • Cloud File – controlled, flexible, and secure file storage backed by S3 API in the back-end. (coming soon)

All this in one comprehensive and scalable solution in cloud or on premises. onePortal™ on its own refers to both the platform, and is also the name of the Management UI to rule them all. More on the name here.

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